La Princesa Tower

Information and Guidelines

(The Rules & Regulations)


Revised 3/26/2010 to reflect changes in Civil Code, L&R Rules and approved revisions to the Association Remodeling Rules


 Welcome to La Princesa Tower!


La Princesa Tower is the tenth and last of the high rise condominiums to be built in the Shores complex.  We are a condominium of 148 individual and privately owned units, many of which are occupied as permanent residences by their owners.  The affairs of this building are governed by an elected Board of Directors.  Their rules and regulations are implemented and enforced by the Building Manager and staff personnel.  Because of the high density occupation of our building and the high standards of excellence both in appearance and atmosphere that have to be maintained, it is essential to establish certain “guidelines” for residents in La Princesa Tower.


(1)  Definition of a Condominium:  “Unit” shall mean and refer to the elements of a Condominium which are not owned in common with other owners of other condominiums.  Or, in other words a “Unit” is everything that you own individually.  The boundaries of a Unit shall be the unfinished interior surfaces of the perimeter walls, floors, ceilings, windows, and doors of each unit, where they exist, and otherwise to the vertical or horizontal planes at the limits of the dimensions as shown on the condominium plan, that has been filed, pursuant to Section 1351 of the California Civil Code, in the office of the County Recorder of San Diego County.


(2)  The Board of Directors is comprised of five homeowners who are elected yearly at the annual meeting of the homeowners held in July.  The Board sets policy which is implemented and enforced by the Building Manager and the staff.  Board meetings are usually held on the fourth Friday of each month and homeowners are encouraged to attend.  Watch the elevator bulletin boards for exact times or call the Building Manager.


(3)  Doorperson (435-4173):  Doorperson services (not bellboy or porter) are provided around the clock – 24 hours.  The emphasis of their services is security to all residents.  Please respect their inquiries in assisting you.  Also, for directions to other Towers, pools, tennis courts, and general information about the area, don’t hesitate to ask…


(4)  Manager (435-4174):  The Manager is available during normal business hours, and can be reached by the Doorperson during off-duty hours when needed.  The emphasis of the Manager’s services is the management of Association employees; Association funds; and building maintenance.


(5)  Maintenance:  All repairs and replacements of internal installations of the Unit, such as water, power, sewage telephones, air conditioners, sanitary installations, washers and dryers, windows, lamps, cabinets, and all other accessories belonging to a Unit shall be at the owner’s expense.  Emergency repairs and some routine work of a very minor nature can be done by staff personnel.


(6)  Prompt payment of assessments is necessary to the smooth operation of your Association.  Assessments are due on the first of each month and delinquent if not received by the fifteenth.  Delinquent assessments will incur a late charge not exceeding 10 per cent of the delinquent assessment or ten dollars ($10.00), whichever is greater. Assessments that are two months delinquent will have legal collection proceedings filed against the unit.  These proceedings will include all delinquent assessments, accumulated late fees, interest charged at 10% per annum and all associated legal fees.  Foreclosure proceedings and/or civil action will be filed against seriously delinquent Units.  The Management will provide you with payment cards and return envelopes, and assessments may also be deducted automatically from your bank account each month by the Association.  Please ask Management how to initiate auto debiting.


(7)  Authorized Entry:  NO ONE will be allowed entrance to the project or to your condominium without prior authorization from you.  Authorization MUST include individual(s) full name and/or full company name.  To avoid embarrassment, be sure to let the Doorperson or Manager know when you are expecting (or sending) guests, workmen, tradesmen, etc.  Estate/rummage sales MUST be coordinated with the Manager.


(8)  Extra Keys:  Neither the Doorperson or the Manager have extra keys for resident use.  We do maintain an extra key for emergency use only.


(9)  Damage Responsibility:  Owners shall be held responsible for any damage to the common areas caused by themselves, their workmen, their tenants, or guests.


(10)  Noise:  Although La Princesa Tower is built to the highest construction standards, noise from your Unit can sometimes be heard in other Units.  As a courtesy to your neighbors, please keep your conservation low and televisions, radios, and stereos turned down after 10:00 P.M.  Also, please do not use your washer/dryer or your dishwasher after 10:00 P.M.  Residents that have hard surface flooring should be aware that sounds made by hard footwear and the movement of chairs, furniture, etc., WILL be heard in units below you.  It is strongly urged that steps be taken to mitigate such sounds in consideration of your neighbors.


          (11)  Beach Attire:  When in beach attire, entrance to the building shall be through the garage rather than the front lobby.  Please remove sand from footwear before entering.  Bare feet are not permitted in any of the common areas of lobbies of La Princesa Tower. REMINDER: Keys should be carried to gain entrance to the garages.


(12)  Parking:  All vehicles MUST have a VISIBLE parking permit or sticker.  Outside parking is limited to 72 hours.  When parking outside, you must park only in lined parking spaces. NO PARKING IN RED ZONES, DRIVEWAYS, ETC.  The garage parking spaces are for use by wheeled passenger motor vehicles, (automobiles, pickup trucks, and motorcycles) only.  The speed limit is 5 MPH in the garages and on the ramps.  Circulation is one way.  Please follow the arrows.  Park only in the stall assigned to your Unit.  All parking stalls are privately owned, and vehicles parked illegally are subject to being towed away.  Parking must be head-in.  Bicycles may be stored in individual parking spaces as long as they do not cause a nuisance.  Storage of small folding grocery carts is also allowed.  From June 1st to Labor Day, beach items such as chairs, umbrellas, surf boards, etc, may be stored in parking spaces as long as storage of such items does not cause a nuisance, or interfere with the parking of vehicles in the same space.  The storage of any other property in the parking spaces is prohibited.


 (13)  Trash:  Trash rooms are located to the immediate left of the ’01 Unit on each floor.  All trash should be placed in plastic bags and tied securely prior to being deposited in the trash chute.  As a courtesy to others, please do not deposit trash between the hours of 10:00 P.M. and 8:00 A.M.  Large boxes should be taken directly to the dumpster.  Please ask the Doorperson for directions.


(14)  Recycling:  La Princesa Tower is fully committed to recycling.  Containers for recyclables are located BEHIND the doors in each trash room and on the upper lobby level adjacent to the newspaper machines.  We also recycle fluorescent bulbs.  Please contact staff members to discard your used fluorescent bulbs.


(15)  Automatic Dishwashers:  It is imperative that only powdered automatic dishwasher detergent be used…  Cascade or Calgonite!


(16)  Bicycles:  All bicycles must have a La Princesa ID sticker.  Bicycles must be parked/stored in the bicycle rooms or in your storage cage.  Upper parking space #84 may be used for short-time bicycle parking only.  Bicycles may also be stored in individual garage parking spaces, as long as they do not cause a nuisance.  Bicycles may not be parked near any entranceway to the building, or on any landscaped area of Coronado Shores.  Please see the Doorperson for direction to the bicycle parking/storage areas.  When entering or exiting the garages, bicycles must obey the 5 MPH speed limit and must follow the circulation arrows.  Bicycles must be ridden carefully and with respect for automobiles, and riders under the age of 18 must wear a helmet.


(17)  Grocery and luggage carts are available.  See the Doorperson.  Please return them promptly after using them.  Carts may not be removed from the building.


(18)  Storage:  Regrettably, no storage is available other than what is assigned to your Unit.


(19)  Moving:  Move-ins and move-outs shall be scheduled on weekdays only.  Please do not schedule any moving for Saturdays and Sundays.  All moving shall be through the lower garage and lower lobby.  The homeowner/tenant shall be responsible for any damage to the common areas caused by the movers.  To reserve an elevator for moving, please contact the Manager or Head Doorperson one week in advance.  A charge of $25.00 per hour will be levied against the homeowner/tenant for any needed common area cleanup.


(20)  Balconies:  Balconies may not be used as laundry areas, and nothing may be hung or draped over the railings.  Flowerpots and planter boxes must be watered with care so as to prevent the overflow from hitting areas below.  Please do not throw anything from your balcony, particularly cigarettes.  Please do not feed the birds from your balcony; it encourages them to take up permanent residence, with obvious problems resulting.  While the use of BBQs is not prohibited, it is important to remember that the smell and smoke from your BBQ may cause a nuisance to your neighbors, and that you may be asked to put it out.  The use of any liquid type of flame starter is prohibited, and only electrically started or gas fired BBQs are permitted.  Of course, BBQs may only be used on open (non enclosed) balconies, and must be used with common sense, caution, and concern for your neighbors.


(21)  Work in Units:  Out of consideration for your neighbors, workmen, repairmen, installers, etc. shall only be permitted to work in Units between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. Monday through Friday.  No work shall be scheduled on legal holidays, Passover, the day after Passover (if Passover falls on a Thursday), July 3rd, and the day after Thanksgiving, or Saturdays and Sundays without prior approval from the Manager.  La Princesa has approved a summer time remodel stoppage that will begin on the last Friday that falls one week prior to the Independence Day holiday (22 June to 27 June, depending upon the calendar), and ending on the Tuesday after Labor Day.


(22)  Windows and Window Coverings:  That portion of the window covering that faces the outside of the building shall be white or off-white.  Window tinting is permitted, but you must see the Manager to obtain a sample of the approved shade of window tinting.  Window screens are permitted.  The screen materials must be gray fiberglass and the screen frames must be constructed of 1” clean anodized aluminum.


(23)  Major Remodeling:  No structural changes are permitted.  Any proposed non-structural modification or alteration, within a Unit, will require: approval by the Board of Directors; a building permit from the City of Coronado; and a $1,000.00 deposit.  Of this deposit, $900.00 shall be refundable, upon request at the completion of the remodel.  Please see the separate booklet “Rules and Regulations for Remodeling.”


(24)  Water Leaks:  The Association shall provide emergency services to include:

a.  Locating and stopping the leak.

b.  Wet vacuuming.

c.  Lifting the wet carpet pad as needed.

d.  Placing fans, as needed, to dry the carpet.


                        The Association shall not be responsible for the following:

a.  Replacing the carpet pad.

b.  Re-laying the carpet.

c.  Any other repairs and/or replacements that may be needed as a result of the water leak.


(25)  Pets:  All Homeowners and Tenants are entitled to keep pets in accordance with the following guidelines:

a.  Only two domesticated pets are permitted to reside in any unit.  No animal may be permitted to create excessive or disruptive noise, or to pose a threat to other animals or to people.

b.  Only animals permitted by the HOA may be kept as household pets, provided they are not kept, bred, or raised for commercial purposes or in unreasonable quantities.  Pets shall be limited to dogs, cats, birds, and aquatic animals kept within an aquarium.  All other pets are prohibited.  Livestock is prohibited.

c.  Dogs must have a current license attached to their collars at all times when in the Common Area.  Pets are required to have all licenses, permits, and inoculations required as by local, county, state, and federal laws.

d.  Droppings deposited by animals in the Common Areas, including Common Area hallways, must be immediately removed.  Anyone allowing their pet to void in said common areas (hallways, garages, ramps, etc.) may be issued a notice of violation and charged an appropriate amount for janitorial services.

e.  Animals may not be tied to trees, stakes, or any exterior building structure, or left unattended at any time.  Animals shall not enter or exit the building via the lobby.  Please use the side doors through the garages when entering and exiting the building with your pet.  Small pets may be carried through the lobbies.

f.  Animals in the Development must be kept on a leash held by a person capable of controlling the animal at all times.  Animals of every type are prohibited from roaming freely throughout the Common Area.

g.  Pets deemed to be dangerous by the Coronado City Animal Control Officer are prohibited and will be immediately removed from the building.

h.  No structure for housing any animal may be maintained so as to be visible from any part of the Common Area, except with the prior approval of the HOA.

i.  The Owner of a Unit is jointly and severally liable for the activity of any animal associated with or living in the Unit, regardless of ownership of the animal.

j.  In addition to the above rules and regulations, all local, county, state, and federal laws that apply to pets are applicable to pets in La Princesa Tower.


(26)  Smoking:  The Board of Directors has established La Princesa Tower as a NO SMOKING BUILDING.  Smoking is not permitted in any of the common areas of the building (garages, lobbies, hallways, and elevators).  Please extinguish all cigarettes, cigars, and pipes before entering the building.  Ash urns are located adjacent to all entrances to the building.


(27)  Tenants & Guests:  In addition to the aforementioned rules and regulations, the following specific rules and regulations apply to tenants and guests:

a.  Tenant and guests will be afforded all the courtesies due a homeowner.

b.  Notification:  The Management shall be notified, in writing, of the arrival of

tenants/guests not less than 72 hours in advance.  The notification shall include:

1.  Condominium number.

2.  Full names of all occupants

3.  Arrival & departure dates.

4.  Ages of all occupants less than 18 years of age.

c.  Occupancy limitations:  All rentals must be for a period of not less than 28 days, pursuant to Coronado Municipal Code #19.02.140.  One bedroom units are limited to no more than four occupants; two bedroom units to six occupants; and two bedroom plus den and three bedroom units to eight occupants.

d.  Owners or rental agents are responsible for indoctrination of their tenants.  In addition, the staff of La Princesa will provide whatever help and assistance they can, but not in lieu of the responsibilities of the owner or rental agent.

e.  Keys & Genies:  Owners or rental agents are responsible for providing keys and garage door openers (genies) to tenants.  We do not accept keys and genies for distribution to incoming tenants.  Also, we will not accept keys and genies from outgoing tenants.  The owner or rental agent should provide the tenant with the following keys and genies:   1.  The condominium front door key (also will unlock all garage doors and gates).

2.  The key to the condominium mailbox.

3.  The genie will open the main entrance gate arm, the building garage entrance, and the building garage exit.  One genie per assigned parking space.

Neither the Doorperson nor the Manager has any extra keys for resident use.  An extra key is maintained for emergency use only.  If a tenant arrives after the rental agent’s normal working hours and the rental agent is not available, we will issue the building emergency key for one night only.  The tenant will be instructed to pick up the keys from the rental agent as soon as possible.

f.  Maintenance:  Please call the unit owner or the rental agent.


(28)  Garage Gates & Gate Arms:

 OPERATION:  The operation of all gates is controlled by a hand-held radio signal transmitter (“Genie”).  Each garage level requires a Genie dedicated to that level (for example: Upper Garage Genie or Lower Garage Genie).  If you have any questions about operation of the gates, please contact the Doorperson.


TO ENTER THE GARAGE:  Stop 30 feet from the gate.  Hold the left (smooth) button down for 3 seconds.  Proceed through the gate.  DO NOT STOP IN THE GATEWAY!  The gate will remain open for 30 seconds then close automatically.


SAFETY FEATURES:  All gates are equipped with electric loop safety systems.  If you enter the gateway while the gate is closing, the gate will stop.  If you approach the gateway while the gate is closing, you can push the left button (smooth) and the gate will re-open.


PEDESTRIAN AND BICYCLISTS:  You are strongly encouraged to use the pedestrian doors located adjacent to each vehicle garage gate.


MOVERS, REPAIRMEN, VENDORS, ETC:  The garage gates can be locked  up when you are here.  Please see the Doorperson for this assistance.


VERTICAL CLEARANCE:  The vertical clearance is 6’ 11”, (six feet, eleven inches).  Use extreme caution when entering the garage with trucks, vans, or other tall vehicles.


ENTRANCE TO THE COMPLEX:  The gate arms at the complex entrances can be opened by holding the right button (four raised dots) down for 3 seconds.


(29)  Miscellaneous Rules:

a.  Wetsuits, surfboards, bicycles, rafts, and beach furniture are not allowed in the elevators.

b.  Food and beverages may not be consumed in the common areas of the building.

c.  The front driveway is for passenger loading and unloading, and for emergency vehicles.  Please do not leave unattended vehicles in the driveway.

d.  Keys are not issued to anyone under 18 without parental authorization.

e.  Attendants at The Beach Club, swimming pools, and tennis courts will acquaint you with the rules pertaining to those facilities.

f.  Loitering, playing, creating a disturbance or causing a nuisance in the common areas is strictly prohibited.

g.  The use of skateboards, scooters, roller skates and rollerblades is prohibited in the building’s common area and in the entire Coronado Shores area.

h.  Recreational bicycle riding in the garages, garage ramps and terrace area is not allowed.

i  It is a violation of the Coronado City Fire Code to leave your front door open.  Please keep your front door closed except when you are entering or exiting your condominium.

j.  No personal property shall be kept or stored in the hallways, garages, stairwells or other Common Areas.


(30)  Violations of the Rules & Regulations:  The Manager shall send a notice of violation and shall make every effort to see that the violation is corrected as quickly as possible.  If the violation is not corrected in a timely manner, a hearing shall be held before the Board of Directors.  At the hearing the Board shall have the right to suspend the rights of a homeowner (and his family, guests, and tenants) to use the recreational facilities on the common areas of Coronado Shores for a period not to exceed 30 days for any single violation of the Rules and Regulations.  The Board of Directors may also impose monetary fines upon a homeowner for any single violation of the Governing Documents.  If required, an assessment equal to any applicable cost of needed repairs or clean-up shall be levied.


Summary:  Although the foregoing may appear to be a rather formidable list of “don’ts”, please remember that they serve to provide a means of mutual cooperation and enjoyment for all residents of La Princesa Tower.  Compliance will do much to ensure that your residence here is a pleasant one.  Should you have any questions or need that your residence here is a pleasant one.  Should you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact the staff at any time.


(1)  The Beach Club:  All Coronado Shores homeowners and tenants are automatically members of “The Beach Club”.  The Beach Club is located on the beach between La Perla and Las Palmas Towers.  It is open for cocktails every evening.  For information regarding hours of operation and special events, please call the Beach Club Director at 435-2690.


(2) Roeder Pavilion:  The Roeder Pavilion is available to all Coronado Shores homeowners and tenants as an entertainment center.  It is located on the beach between Cabrillo and La Sierra Towers.  It is equipped with a kitchen and a wet bar.  For information regarding reservations (a must!) and rules, please call 437-1260.


(3) The Spa:  All Coronado Shores homeowners and tenants are automatically members of “The Spa”.  For information regarding hours of operation and facilities, please call 435-2533.


(4)  Tennis Courts:  Coronado Shores has eight lighted tennis courts.  They are open from dawn to 10:00 P.M. daily.  The reservation attendant holds a drawing for court reservations daily at 7:25 A.M. and 8:55 A.M. on Court #2 for day of play only.  For more information, please call 435-1335 or 437-1260.


(5)  Swimming Pools:  Coronado Shores has four heated swimming pools.  From West to East:  Roeder Pool; Cabrillo Pool; The Beach Club Pool; and the El Camino Pool.  Each pool is open to authorized residents regardless of age, but the Roeder Pool and Beach Club Pool are considered “quiet enjoyment” pools.  Quiet Enjoyment is defined as resting, relaxing, sunbathing, reading, swimming, etc.  Behavior will be strictly enforced: Anti-Social Behavior that may cause a reasonable person to experience continuous discomfort or annoyance, or, objectionable or disruptive conduct is not allowed. 


Rules & Regulations

Frequently Used Telephone Numbers


   Doorperson (Front Desk)               435-4173


   Manager                                         435-4174


   Shores Security (Main Gatehouse) 435-3370;    435-8891


   Beach Club                                     435-1711


   Roeder Pavilion                              435-9881


   Tennis Courts                                437-1335


   Health Spa                                     435-2533


   Social Director                               435-2690


   Landscape & Recreation Office      437-1260;    435-2696


   Coronado Cab                                435-6211


Emergency Telephone Numbers


                POLICE                                      911


                FIRE                                           911


                AMBULANCE                           911


                CORONADO HOSPITAL          522-3600